A ceremony of rituals
for facial transformation



Beauty Healing Facials + Offerings


My approach to skin care wellness feels like savasana in the treatment room. I draw on the most restorative aspects of yoga. Mindfulness, meditation and breath awareness complement cleansing, relaxation and renewal. When entering my space, clients step into an environment designed for ritual—quieting the mind, cleansing the body, and enriching the spirit. I welcome you as you are in the moment – your light, your energy, your needs, your intentions.
This immersive experience reminds my clients what it feels like to be seen, held and cared for. It is my calling to care for and connect people in my community, so I offer the choreography of my hands for transformation. My work is not just about beauty, but revealing the inner radiance of every human being I touch. My hands are my instrument. I am drawn to the leading edge of skincare and wellness, and I am passionate about teaching.


Many people have a Gua sha tool and feel intimidated to use it. Now you can enjoy learning the proper technique in this tutorial! Learn the basics in ten minutes, and take what you need to develop your own skincare ritual at home.