“Holistic well being and teaching have always been at the forefront of my life. I was a yoga teacher and an overseas educator for over a decade. Teaching is in my bones.”


Stacey Lum is a beauty healer who has elevated the clinical facial to a transformational experience.

Over the past decade, Stacey has mastered a repertoire of intuitive rituals and brought them into the treatment room with exceptional results. Her unique methods are exquisitely focused on drawing out her clients’ inner radiance, releasing energetic blocks and shifting their consciousness, to promote visible and lasting change.

Connection is one of her core values. Stacey is a natural connector and intuitively resourceful. She has formed relationships with an intimate community of skincare formulators, healers, and coaches so she can connect you with experts who will help you live at your highest capacity, and continue your healing at an even deeper level. 

An educator at heart, Stacey has taught her beauty healing rituals to a multitude of clients in her Bend, Oregon studio. She also offers an immersive Masterclass for estheticians and healers, so they can empower their own clients to experience a whole new level of receiving.

On a more personal note…

I am a Colorado native, but spent most of my time living in Central and Northern California. After attending Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo, California, I met my future husband Jason Curran. I shelved my B.S. in graphic design to became an overseas educator. We lived and worked in South America, Africa, and Asia. We had many great experiences, and some crazy ones too! Whether we were seeing giant giraffes hiking in the bush of South Africa, or dodging scorpions in Lombok, Indonesia, we pretty much have seen it all.

When I am not working on skin care videos, giving facials, or diving into the latest facial serum, I am enjoying every minute with my family. We moved back to Bend Oregon in 2016 from Shanghai, China. We absolutely love it! It is the perfect mountain town community. I live in an amazing neighborhood with my husband and son Taz. He loves art, riding his bike, and identifying crystals. He is sensitive, loving, and my greatest teacher.

Being outdoors is my medicine. I have bike toured Italy for two months, seen a bear backpacking in the Trinity Alps, and summited Mt Shasta, California at 14,180 feet. Recently, I took up skate ski lessons this year at Mount Bachelor to refine my technical skills. Since being certified to teach yoga since 2007, I very am grateful for what this practice has shown me. Not just in physicality, but an opportunity to trust the universe for greater transformation.


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“A customized facial with energy healing to facilitate an authentic, transformative experience.”


“I’ve had a lot of facials in my life but Stacey’s stands out as one of the more exceptional ones I’ve had. From the moment you arrive in her space, she is all there for you, and you know that you are entering a very special and sacred place; one that incorporates mind, body and spirit for a truly transformational experience. My skin was rejuvenated, my spirits lifted. Now if I only lived closer.”
Kerrilynn Pamer Co-Founder and CEO CAP Beauty
“As moms we don’t allow ourselves to take enough time for self care. I am a mother to a child who has special needs, this is especially true. When I do allow for that time away it really needs to feel impactful, and needs to completely fill my cup! I’m so glad that I went to Stacey for a facial, not only for my body but also for my mind. My time with her forced me to stay present and look inward while she integrated mindfulness practices. I was also so entranced with her delightful botanicals. I left glowing from the inside out, and I can’t wait to revisit her so that I can stay up on my practice of self care, self reflection and a glowing complexion!”
Amanda Booth Actress and Advocate
“Stacey is a true healer. You can feel the intention she has infused into her beauty healing rituals – from grounding me into the space, guiding me to choose an intention, incorporating breath work visualizations, and even cueing me into certain songs she has chosen. The attention to detail and focus on working with my ‘whole self’ is impeccable. I leave feeling like not only is my face glowing, but also my whole aura has been refreshed. I am lucky to have found her and recommend her to everyone I know!”
Julia Starr Life and Career Coach
“You’ll always get more than you expect when you’re in Stacey’s care. She has the warmest, divinely feminine, and healing mother energy and that’s apparent from the moment she greets you. Being under her hands, in her space, receiving what she has to offer from her years of learning and creating her signature services is one of my favorite acts of self care. The entire experience is one that always has my cup overflowing. From beginning to end I feel a deep sense of being nurtured, seen and deeply cared for. Come for the healing…stay for the facial.”
Heidi Hazen Certified Master Hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Alignment Teacher

“My session with Stacey was a truly healing, restorative and deep experience — the term “facial” really doesn’t do it justice. From the music, the scents, the meditation, the message, and the luxurious products. Stacey creates a ceremony of rituals where you can fully surrender, receive and be cared for. Stacey’s energy is so kind, warm and welcoming — I can not wait to be back in the treatment room with her!”

Zena Rice- Sarantis, MA — Reiki Master Healer at Guided By Zena

“Stacey is a gift and time with her has become a vital piece of my self care practice. The meditative quality she weaves into every moment with her music, crystals, voice, energy, and touch creates an experience that is intentional, grounding, and healing. I leave feeling centered, calm, and like I’m glowing from the inside out every time”
Amber Hayes RYT Studio Owner Groove Yoga Bend,Oregon

“Stacey is a healer. A treatment with her is revitalizing for the body, mind and spirit. Being in her care feels like a true respite from the stress and anxiety of the world. She integrates breath, healing, crystals, singing bowls and sound. She brings her own incredible healing energy and massage into her facials. I always leave feeling as if I have spent a week by the ocean, and cleared away any worldly heaviness I may have come in with. Stacey is a true gift. If you can get an appointment, take it!”

Kristin Tone RYT Breathe Feel Rise, TEH Energy Medicine
“Stacey’s work is remarkable— She has discovered a way to combine yoga, mindfulness + skin care into her own unique experience. In addition to healing and rejuvenating my skin, she has mastered one of the hardest things of all—-holding space for others. Stacey takes you on a beautiful journey to tuning into the deepest parts of yourself, which allows total surrender. It is truly a gift and a work of art.”

Chelsea Ortega RYT Real Estate Broker

“Stacey’s facial experience is rooted in love, intention and presence. Her transcendental music selection, crystals, and breathwork allowed for me to open up to relaxation and the gift she was offering my skin. Stacey is kind, lighthearted and knows how to make people feel taken care of. My face was glowing afterwards and received so many compliments!”
Ericka Rodridguez Founder and CEO of Axiology Beauty

“My skin has never looked this good! I don’t know if I will ever truly have the words to describe the fullness of The Facial experience with Stacey. It’s unreal, out of this world and unimaginably blissful. My skin looks IMMACULATE and yet, somehow, that seems to feel like the side benefit of the incredibly healing and resetting experience The Facial is as a whole. My entire body feels rested, rejuvenated and on cloud 9. Is it possible that a facial was one of the most healing experiences I’ve ever had? It is with this woman at the helm. I’m a YES for this, everyone deserves this care!”

Lyndsee Lee branding mentor + podcast host