lyma laser facials

THE LYMA FACIAL. 75 min  $389

This facial is all about results. This treatment is an in-depth focused facial using modalities to remodel skin, increase lymphatic drainage, and provide tissue regeneration for firm, luminous skin. 

Notice transformative effects from modalities such as Gua Sha, LYMA Low Level Laser Therapy, Radio Frequency and Microcurrent. 

For best results, book as a series a week apart or as a stand-alone treatment for targeted results. This is not a channeled healing offering (Beauty Ceremony) and does not include extractions or masks. I also offer a Beauty Ceremony with the LYMA laser below.


In a category of its own, this Beauty Ceremony uses exceptional modalities, including the LYMA laser, that transform energy in skin, body and mind. 

Get a channeled ceremony with extended time using results driven modalities that yield exceptional results. 

This bespoke session is tightly curated to each individual client and can include specific targeted rituals and prolonged energy medicine techniques based on what you need. The result is an expansive state of mind and luminous skin.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, are epileptic, have a pacemaker or have active cancer, Gua Sha will be substituted for microcurrent.