finding the energetic place of faith

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“Fatih the is energy that lives inside our hearts.” Johathan Goldman

A hand mudra like this connects us to an energy map that is linked to our nervous system. There is an energetic place of faith that resides in all of us. How you find it in your own body?

This is a great technique that I am sharing from Johathan Goldman, a master healer and teacher who I am currently studying with from The Essential Light Institute here in Bend, Oregon. Thank you for showing me this energetic place of faith.

  • First put your hands out flat with your palms up, as if your holding something. Your pinkies will be touching as if your in open prayer mudra. Next, place them underneath the space of your heart, your palms will be up.

  • Now, look at where the end of your finger tips are and MOVE your hands forward so that the heel of your hands is now in the space where the end of your finger tips were. It’s basically moving forward one hand print. Finally, close your hands into a prayer position. This is where the energy of faith lives in you! It’s a powerful place. It should be visited often.

 I love this Mudra, I often use it at the beginning of mediation, or just before an oracle card reading. It connects us directly to that energetic space of the heart. Funny thing!! After I learned where this energy space was, I realized I was doing this exact mudra in this photo above!!! I love those intuitive discoveries. Sometimes when you feel the energy inside, the body just knows.