Taking the Pause

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Sometimes you need to slow down the momentum. We all need those mental health days. My effort into my business and mothering sent my nervous system into overdrive and there was deep wisdom in taking a pause.

Emphasis on productivity is a familiar place for so many am I right? It was a calling to let go. 

We hear that concept of letting go very often. What would happen if really allowed myself to let go? This is what Tara Jackson of @empathpreneurs, asked me during a visualization regression session. She is amazing intuitive business guide who I am currently working with. 

For me, that was hard. It is really a deep listening in that quiet space, where you hear whispers of those subconscious patterns. Have integrity and be honest about what you experience. Ask yourself, what are those emotions are needing from you? I stopped fighting them and deeply listened to what they were asking. Not easy. Then I journaled ( not from a “should” mindset)  and saw what it revealed. 

Again,  NOT easy by any means. 

I stopped fighting with the anxiety and allowed to feel it. Does this make me feel less worthy?  I spent all my time listening to my needs, honoring the messy and uncomfortable parts of it all and the emotions that come with it. Love yourself through it all is a gift, especially when it doesn’t feel like it. Arrows pointing in the direction are calling me to get grounded,  make more space for transition, integration, ease and receiving all I attract. This is healing.

Some of my rituals to recalibrate: support from my teachers, salt baths, meditation+visualizations, earthing in nature and really asking for that bigger guidance to step in.  Believe in your prayer. Faith. It is not a religion but a vibration.

And when you hear that voice inside, only listen to the loving one.